TUR Company for construction & electromechanical established on 25/4/2014 as a contracting company which specialized mainly in construction, electromechanical & renewable energy contracting.
TUR Company by its owners was working in this field since about 4 years ago under “Amman Homelands Contracting Company’s name” and then from 27/07/2017 till now under TUR Company name.

The Owners of TUR Company Were partners in Amman home-Lands Constraction Company For 4 years and they implemented all the civil,electromechanical works for all the project which have been done By Amman Homelands Constracting Company and here is a list of these Project:

  1. Rehabilitation of king Hussein medical City Kitchen Project ( Jordan Armed Forces).
  2. Royal Engineering Corps Administration Building Project (Jordan Armed Forces).
  3. Rehabilitation for Swielih Military Market Project (Jordan Armed Forces).
  4. Power network project (Royal Council).
  5. Khawla Bint AL-Azwar School Bulding (New Construct - tion) - Ministry of education .
  6. oliqoon School Building (New Construction) - Ministry of education.
  7. Rehabilitation for jerash Military Market.
  8. Chemical Support unit (Jordan Armed Forces).
  9. Military Courts (Jordan Armed Forces) With arnnoon Contracting Company.
  10. Zahr AL-lawz Restaurant (Private Sector).
  11. The martyrs Memorial and Museum (Electromechanical) (Jordan Armed Forces).
  12. Different types of Electromechanical and general mainte-nance (Royal Medical Services Hospitals.
  13. health Center(Tabrbour ,Amman,Twal) (Ministry of Health) Electromechanical.
  14. Al Salt hospital Car parking.
  15. OH Beach Resort Dead Sea (Private Sector).

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